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Anthony Minicozzi, ​Owner & Founder

Read what others are saying about our great customer service:

"Hi Anthony, I just want to thank you for everything you've done so far for us... You are by far the most thorough agent (or person really) that I have ever dealt with and your passion for what you do is awesome to see and be a part of!! I am signing your praises to everyone that wants to listen and might be looking to change insurances!" 

- Stacey

"I have known Anthony for almost three years. When I first met him, I thought "he is too good to be true - young, handsome, eloquent". But Anthony proved me wrong: in addition to his charisma, he is extremely professional, diligent and dedicated to his customers.

When it was time for my auto policy renewal and was unhappy with my premium increase, he worked with me for a while. He sent me quotes from different insurance companies, so I could compare them and make a decision for myself. And when I decided to stay with the same Insurance company, he found the ways to lower my premium.Anthony is also very precise and true to his word. If he says that he will call you at 4:00 pm, it will be 4:00 pm.

It is wonderful to deal with Anthony, because he combines a personal and warm approach with the high professionalism.So if you need an insurance agent you can trust, call Anthony Minicozzi. Believe me, you won't be sorry."

- Mifa Bobritsky